Specialised in customised work.

Surface treatment, finishing and more.

Our team of over 40 specialists, which has been growing since 2006, specialises in the surface treatment of stainless steel sheets – and it also offers a wide range of finishing options for special materials. Modern machines in several production lines allow us to realise your ideas with precision and speed. Sanding, marbling, foil-coating, brushing, drilling or milling: we do our best for your perfect results.

Sanding, brushing, foil-coating

We process our stainless steel sheets on state-of-the-art plate grinding machines so we can meet your high quality requirements. We produce standard finishes and also surfaces with special, customised requirements like stainless steel sheets with limited roughness specifications.

  • Sanding (grain 80 – 400)
  • Brushing
  • Duplo grinding (sanded and brushed)
  • Circular marbling and strip grinding
  • Foil
  • and much more

We generally cover surface-treated sheet metal with protective film to prevent damage or enable further work steps. To do that, we stock a large selection of different film types.

Sawing, turning, drilling

As your reliable service partner, we offer much more than just standard services. Our company offers you a wide range of processing options that aim to optimize your processes and meet your requirements in a tailor-made manner. This includes precise saw cuts with the tightest tolerances, pre-milled fittings as well as pre-turned and pre-drilled components. At the prefabrication stage, we carry out these services accurately and on time. So you can be completely sure that your projects will run smoothly.

  • Modern automatic band saws Ø 5 – 700 mm  
  • Turning according to customer requirements according to drawing
  • Drilling of solid materials upon customer request
  • and much more

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